The following Resources could be access freely
1.    Directory of Open Access Journals(DOAJ)
2.    Free Medical Journals   
3.    Free Books Centre
4.    Directory of Open Access Books(DOAB)
5.    International Network for the Availability
       of Scientific Publication (INASP)
6.    Dentistry 2000

The following can be accessed with authorization
1.    Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture(AGORA)
2.    Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative(HINARI)
3.    Online Access to Research in the Environment(OARE)
5.    Nigeria Virtual Library

The Library maintains repository of indigenous
resources of the University. Presently synopsis
of each resource can be accessed here. Full
content can be access in the University Library.

 TEEAL: The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library contains
  pear review journal /articles from 1990’s and continuous through
  the previous publishing years. Recording over 325 scientific and
  technical journals in the field of Agriculture and related science
  as well as research report provided by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
  TEEAL is available at FUTO library and open to staff and students
   and outside researchers who are registered with the University Library.
   It is located at the ICT unit of the Library and can be accessed
   at the security post of the library Phase II using our computers;
   it can also be accessed through wireless network when you are within
   range of our LAN (Local Area Network).