Image result for image on loan services in library             Staff and students (Postgraduates and undergraduates)

             are given borrowing right at the point of registration, while

             the university librarian may grant members of the local community

             borrowing privileges. Staff (academic and non-academic)

             and Postgraduate students are given a maximum of four (4) books

             at once for a period  of one (1) month while undergraduates are given

             a maximum of two(2) books for a period of one month. Visiting research

             students, fellows and occasional students who are in the University

             for less than one academic year are accorded reference privileges only, i.e.

             borrowing facilities are not extended to them. Reference, electronic resources

             and serials collection are available for consultation only but may be issued

    for loan at the discretion of the users’ services, ICT the Serials Librarian as the case may be.The University Librarian reserves the right

    to suspend or withdraw all Library privileges from persons who contravene these regulations, and to report such cases to the appropriate

    University authorities for further disciplinary action.