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Bibliographic Unit

The Unit perform function of management of Newspapers and electronic resources that involve indexing and abstracting of Newspapers and uploading to OPAC using Alexandria template for periodicals, card management and ready or quick reference services




This new Unit was designed to provide Innovative and Specialized Library services to graduate and undergraduates of the University with a view to improving global competitiveness, academic performance and research competence.the unit is sub-divided into three (3) main component parts namely

i. The Library Research-Commons
ii. Learning - Space (Maker Space & Relaxation Area
iii. SPE- Onepetro

Library's Research Commons supports the research endeavours of the university community, with particular focus on graduate students during all stages of the research life cycle - ideas, partners, proposal writing, research process. and publication - and provides easy access to both physical and virtual research resources. It is a place where faculty. staff and students can get assistance with research and scholarly activities or put in another form. it is also a place to collaborate and connect with fellow students and faculty) on research projects. with rooms and booths for reservation. collaboration screen spaces and whiteboard spaces. It also functions as a hub of support for graduate student research and a venue for Workshop and presentation opportunities Researchers can share their research information). and get feedback on their presentation, learn from researchers doing related work and make connections/build relationships. This is the purpose the FUTO Library Research Commons intends to achieve.
Some services to be rendered in the Research Commons are

A. Citation management help
The Research Commons will assist researcher with citation management.

Get started with Ref Works, Zotero, EndNote Basic or Mendeley (Using the one applicable in FUTO)

i. Choose a citation manager
II. Export citations to a citation manager
lll. Troubleshoot citation management issues on your laptop

B. Design help desk
The Design Help Desk will offer free advice to all students, faculty and staff at the Federal University of Technology who want to improve their visuals for presentation and publication. Clients can bring any visual work related to their research or teaching-including figures, diagrams, data plots, presentations and posters-and receive help from a designer or staff. This takes care of the following:

i. Design figures and diagrams
II. Visualize data
Ill. Create posters and slides

C. Writing consultations for graduate students
The staff of the Research Commons help researchers to:

i. Write conference proposals
II. Prepare articles for publication
lli. Work on their thesis or dissertation

D. Graduate funding information services

i. Fund your research
II. Get help with tuition
111. Cover conference travel

E. Graduate Open Writing Lab and Thesis Boot Camp.
The Research Commons will also serve as the home of Graduate Open Writing Lab and Thesis Boot Camp. Thesis Boot Camp is a multi-day workshop which provides current FU10 graduate students with the opportunity to spend one or two· days dedicated to making serious progress on their dissertation or master's thesis. Along  with a comfortable. quiet working environment. writing and research support, and snacks and lunches. the workshop will offer students community and motivation in that final push towards the completion of their dissertation or thesis

(ii) Learning pace/ Relaxation Area

In the meantime. the Learning- Space Relaxation Area are being designed to provide congenial atmosphere/accommodation tor,

(a) group discussion. collaborative interactive learning

(b) Light reading material like novels, newspapers, magazines etc ( c) Games such as scrabbles, chess, etc

(d) Television viewing and radio player centre (e) Coffee/ snacks shop

(iii) SPE Library is designed to provide

(a) Online access for all FUTO staff and students to Onepetro.org.

(b) Off-line CD-ROM search for compendium of proceedings of SPE Seminal/Conferences papers

(c) Link users especially .undergraduates of school of Engineering to scholarly literature on Petroleum/ Engineering related subjects.

(d) Accommodation for new researchers


Embedded Unit Serve as a liaison between the Library and the School in the areas of information resource needs and services;

Work with Dean to plan for the development of their School Library;

Support faculty research and teaching through the provision of information resources;

Support students of the School through orientation, helping to find and access resources for class work, assignment and research;

Coordinate resources for the accreditation of various programmes in the School;

Engage in any other services needed by the School which may be within the ambit of the University Library Mandate.


FUTOSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.