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Opening hours

  • Mon. to Friday 9.00am-6.00pm
  • Saturday  9.00am-2.00pm
  • Sunday/Public Holiday   closed


The Document/Light Reading Unit

The Document and Light Reading Department is headed by a Senior Staff

who is the Co-coordinator of the unit.  The unit houses archives and

document from within and outside the University Community as well as

fiction books for recreational reading. The duties carried out in the unit involves:-


The head Co-ordinate staff and supervise work carry out by supporting staff

  • Selection and acquisition of materials

  • Receiving and acknowledgement of materials

  • Recording of Publications

  • Rendering services to users.

  • Keeping and recording of statistics

  • Preparation of quarterly reports.

  • Processing and shelving of documents.

 The Research, Training and Statistic Unit

The research, training statistic unit is headed by a

librarian and other subordinate staff consist

of librarians and library officer. The duties carried

out in the unit includes:-

  • Preparation of quarterly report

  • Co-ordination of staff training: - Conferences,

    Seminars, Workshops

  • Co-ordination of the teaching of use of library

    (GST 102 component of use of English)


  • Production and production of FUTNOTES,

    Library bulletin and Accession list.

  • Co-ordination of student Industrial Training (IT)

    and those under NYSC Scheme.

  • Co-ordination, distribution and receiving of

    questionnaires coming into the University Library.

  • Preparation of Library Statistics

  • Organizing staff orientation and staff appraisal

  • Receiving and attending to memos from within

  • and outside the University Library and the

    community at large and any other duty assigned by the University Librarian.

The Information & Communication Technology Unit (ICT)


The Unit is headed by ICT Librarian and supported

by other Librarian with some junior staff who work

under the 3 subunit namely; Web services unit for

the maintenance of the library website, electronic

resource services unit and other Institutional services

unit in charge of University Institutional Repository

and automation sub-unit that is responsible for data entry,

editing, CD management users services, statistical records etc.


The overall duties carried out in the ICT unit include;


  • Web services i.e. management of electronic resources

  • and other internet services.

  • Institutional repository

  • Collection and acquisition of materials/digitalization meta data

  • DATAD formatting services of thesis and dissertation

  • Acquisition Processing and Management of the non-print resources.

  • Automation of the University Library via

  • Data entry

  • Editing

  • CD Management

  • Users Services

  • Statistical record keeping









The Users Services Unit is a unit that takes care of the daily running of the Library

and having direct contact with the users and staff.  The user’s services unit consists

of other units namely:

      Circulation Section

The sub unit is headed by a Circulation librarian, shift heads and other supporting

staff (both senior and junior). Their duties includes:-

  • Student’s registration for use of library.(both New, Old and Postgraduate

    Students and Staff)

  • Online registration of Students

  • Loaning of information materials to staff and students

  • Charging and discharging of books.

  • Special loans to staff, and reserve book loans to students and staff.

  • Taking of statistics on readers.

Reference Section

     The sub unit is also headed by a reference librarian and other supporting staff.

     (Both Senior and junior), who report back  to the User Services Librarian. Their

     duties includes:-

    .Gives referral letters to students for use in other University libraries.

  • Assist students in answering reference questions when the needs arise like

    how to access materials in the library using the catalogue.

  • Receives referral letters from students of the other institutions for the use of

    our library.

  • Alerts users on new arrivals, and other unique texts acquired in the library.

     Bibliographical Services

     The Unit is also headed by a Senior Librarian who is answerable to the Users Services

      librarian and their duties include:-

  • Indexing of newspapers and magazines into various Subject heading

    like sciences, Agriculture, Higher education and other topical issues.

      User Statistics

      The unit is very minute within the circulation unit and they are also answerable to

      the user services unit and their duties include:

  • Compilation of daily statistics realized from the circulation unit.

  • Compilation of these statistics into quarterly reports.