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The library of the Federal University of Technology Owerri started in 1981. In 1991, the library moved along with the university to its permanent site where it started at the Pilot plant house of the School of Science. The library houses three buildings namely the Library Phase 2A, Library Phase IV, and E-Library.

The library is centrally located at a convenient distance from the classrooms, laboratories and hostels in a cool noiseless zone of the campus. the modular form of the library Phase IV otherwise called the Main library, shows five main sections namely; social sciences and humanities in the Western wing, reference to the north, science, technology and agriculture by the east and the central nave which is the core reading area. The southern wing houses staff offices, the bindery and reprographic services, the security checkpoint and the circulation counter; the fifth section, an annex to the building is the university bookshop. 

The Phase 2A library is an extension of the main library building and houses the Acquisitions unit, Processing, Serials, Research Training and Statistics, Documents, and Rare collections unit. The E-library building is home to the Information and Communication Technology Unit which provides electronic resources and services to complement the traditional resources. The building also houses the university librarians office, Innovative Services, Bibliography, Serials and Institutional Repository. In all, the library’s sitting capacity is 1632.

FUTO library which is the intellectual warehouse of the university plays supportive roles through its various units to actualize the missions and visions of the institution.

 Welcome to FUTO Library  – Dr. Mrs. Justina Ngozi Ekere                                                                                        University Librarian

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