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    The Federal University of Technology, Owerri recently appoint a new Vice-Chancellor (Academic) -

   Prof. O.Ogbode, a Professor of Polymer and Textile Engineering from the school of Engineering and

   Engineering Technology (SEET)- FUTO after the demise of the Prof. B.L. Onwuagba


   Members of the Library Registration Council of Nigeria paid a courtesy visit to the University

   Librarian and Staff of FUTO-Library more especially registered members of the association on

   Tuesday 14th, July, 2015

     The Management of the Librarians' Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN)

     will be paying a courtesy visit to heads of Libraries and their staff in Owerri Imo State

     from 12th-18th July, 2015 and will be visiting FUTO Library on Tuesday 14th July, 2015



    The Directorate of General Studies, Federal University of Technology, Owerri is holding an

    International Conference on the goals of Arts, Social Science and Technology.



    Theme: " Three in Bed: Arts, Socail Science and Technology".


    Date: Sunday 13th September - Wednesday 16th September, 2015


    Venue: Celestine Onwuliri International Conference Centre, FUTO.


    Time: 10.00 am each day


    The Centre for Women,Gender and Development Studies (CWGDS) FUTO

    is holding her 2015 World Environment Day Celebration.

    Theme: " Our Environment: We Can Get It Right Dy Doing Things Right".

    Date: Tuesday, 23rd June: for Radio Discussion, Tree Planting, Sanitation Exercise

             and student debate

             Wednesday, 24th June, 2015: Lecture, Demonstartion and Exhibition

     Venue: Hall of Mercy Time: 11.00 am each day