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Title: Physico-Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber filled with Carbonized Cherry and Rubber Seed Shells

Affiliation: Food Science Technology Department
School of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Federal University of Technology, Owerri Imo State

Date: April, 2016

Physico-mechanical properties natural rubber filled with carbonized cherry and rubber seed shell as fillers were studied. Samples of cherry and rubber seed shells were carbonized at varying temperatures (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700oC for three hours each and sieved through a 100m mesh. The physical properties of fillers such as the swelling behavior, loss on ignition, iodine absorption number, moisture content, the pH and the bulk density results evaluated show that pH, iodine adsorption number and loss on ignition increase with carbonization temperature, moisture content decreases while bulk density varies with increase in carbonization temperature. The percentage swelling behaviour results show that carbonized cherry seed shell filled vulcanizates are more resistant to solvents used than carbonized rubber seed shell filled vulcanizates, The mechanical properties of the vulcanizate which include enlongation at break, compression set and flex fatigue decreases with increase in filler carbonization temperature. some mechanical properties Such as tensile strength, mochulus, Hardness and abrasion resistance increase with increase in filler carbonization temperature.  The mesh size of 100m were used as to obtain a fine particles size. Any mesh size above 100m will be lesser. Thus for high quality vulcanizates carbonization should be done at 600oC.