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Title: Studies of Some Mechanical Properties of Watermelon Rind/Pawpaw Peel Reinforced Polyethlene Composites

Affiliation: Food Science Technology Department
School of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Federal University of Technology, Owerri Imo State

Date: June, 2016

Some mechanical properties of water melon rind and pawpaw peel reinforced Low
density  polyethylene  (LDPE)  and  Linear  Low  Density,  (LLDPE)  composites  have
been studied. Two sets of filler loaded LDPE and LLDPE composites were prepared   using the injection moulding techniques at a processing temperature of 1900C
Dispersing agent, silicon oil, was added to the composite as a plasticizer to improve
flow, processability and to reduce the brittleness of the product. A comprehensive
range of mechanical properties: tensile strength, (modulus of elasticity, elongation at
break, elongation at yield), impact energy test and hardness test were carried out.
Tensile properties of the composite showed an increase in tensile modulus, impact
energy test, hardness test, a decline, in elongation at yield and break with increasing
filler loading.  The tensile strength was enhanced with the incorporation of the two
fillers up to 20% filler loading and then decreased with further addition of filler. The
result  obtained  showed  that  pawpaw  peel  and  water  melon  rind  can  be  used  as
reinforcing fillers in thermoplastics and secondly, development of composites,
enhances their mechanical properties.