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 The Research, Training and Statistic Unit

The research, training statistic unit is headed by a

librarian and other subordinate staff consist

of librarians and library officer. The duties carried

out in the unit includes:-

  • Preparation of quarterly report

  • Co-ordination of staff training: - Conferences,

    Seminars, Workshops

  • Co-ordination of the teaching of use of library

    (GST 102 component of use of English)


  • Production and production of FUTNOTES,

    Library bulletin and Accession list.

  • Co-ordination of student Industrial Training (IT)

    and those under NYSC Scheme.

  • Co-ordination, distribution and receiving of

    questionnaires coming into the University Library.

  • Preparation of Library Statistics

  • Organizing staff orientation and staff appraisal

  • Receiving and attending to memos from within

  • and outside the University Library and the

    community at large and any other duty assigned by the University Librarian.