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  ­Welcome Remarks from the Desk of the University Librarian

  You are most welcome to the official website of the Library,

  Federal University of Technology, Owerri. The site is necessitated

  by our drive and commitment in providing a user- friendly and pleasurable

  access to one of the best enriching University Library collections in Nigeria

  and Africa in general.

  No doubt, we are a library committed in vision to provide:

                                              resources and conducive environment for teaching and research

                                              in an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based set-up

                                              and  the mission to: Provide relevant information materials for teaching,

                                              research and relaxation; Preserve the collection heritage of mankind

                                              including published and unpublished of FUTO staff and students;

                                              Contributes to the National Information Infrastructure for the development

                                              of research on economic progress through donations to other institutions of learning.

                                              Best wishes !

                                              Dr.(Mrs.) Chinwe. V. Anunobi


The Office of the University Librarian is responsible for the day to day running of the University Library

by providing responsive and reliable administrative services which includes:

  • Communicating about the Library to FUTO community and beyond
  • Coordinating assessment activities across the Library
  • Keeping facilities in good order and managing facility improvements
  • Maintaining a secure environment for staff, Library users, and our collections
  • Managing financial resources to maximize impact and efficiency
  • Providing Library staff with the technology they need to be productive and efficient
  • Supporting a talented workforce that has the skills we need to achieve our goal

                                           ORGANOGRAM OF FUTO UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
The Library Department is organized into units. The various units are organized into sub-units. The various units

are depicted in the organogram below: