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The Information & Communication Technology Unit (ICT)


The Unit is headed by ICT Librarian and supported

by other Librarian with some junior staff who work

under the 3 subunit namely; Web services unit for

the maintenance of the library website, electronic

resource services unit and other Institutional services

unit in charge of University Institutional Repository

and automation sub-unit that is responsible for data entry,

editing, CD management users services, statistical records etc.


The overall duties carried out in the ICT unit include;


  • Web services i.e. management of electronic resources

  • and other internet services.

  • Institutional repository

  • Collection and acquisition of materials/digitalization meta data

  • DATAD formatting services of thesis and dissertation

  • Acquisition Processing and Management of the non-print resources.

  • Automation of the University Library via

  • Data entry

  • Editing

  • CD Management

  • Users Services

  • Statistical record keeping