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The Acquisition unit


The acquisition unit is headed by the acquisition librarian who answers directly

to the university librarian because of the unique and sensitive nature of the unit.

The unit is responsible for the selection and acquisition of information material

that makes up the library collection; and their duty is so unique because every

user’s information needs have to be met by so doing meeting the general objectives

of the library. The acquisition librarian answers acquisition correspondence, act

on suggestion box for acquisition, liaise with book vendors on issues relating to

book supply and engage with a follow up promptly on  items not received.

The unit also consist of supporting staff (both senior and junior) and the duties

carried out are that of communal work which includes:-


  • Assigning number to book order and preparing book order list for typing

    to the University Librarian.

  • Collecting L.P.O and job order from bursary department.

  • Receiving books from vendors and preparing payment instruction and as well as

    following up vendors bill for payment at the bursary department.

  • Taking of subject statistics on book invoiced and keeping of order and decide rate file.


Other duties carried out by other supporting staff in the acquisition Unit are:-


  • Accessioning of books/thesis

  • Taking statistics of books accessioned

  • Stamping

  • Carding

  • Writing date due slip

  • Pasting of date due slip

  • Bibliographical verification filing of cards

  • Transferring of processed books and CD- ROMs to processing Units and ICT respectively)