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The Serials Unit

The Unit is headed by a Serial Librarian with other supporting staff 

both senior and Junior who work majorly on the materials the

unit houses i.e. periodical namely Newspapers, magazines, journals,

thesis and dissertations making them available to users as appropriate.   


The Serials librarian is in charge of supervising the unit in general,

attends to internal and external correspondence, reference demands,

prepare payment instructions, (CAS) and SDI implementation and attending

to demand on accreditation.  Aside this task carried out by the Serials librarian,

the general duties carried out in the unit includes:-

  • Shelving and shelf reading of periodicals

  • Receiving, recording and stamping of periodicals

    (Newspapers, Journals & Magazines)

  • Maintaining of loan register

  • Displaying of new/old periodicals

  • Preparing movement register to DATAD

  • Keeping & maintaining monthly statistics of  Newspapers/magazines received

  • Taking daily statistics of all users and material consulted.

  • Binding of Newspapers and magazines.

  • Filing of index cards received from bibliographical services

  • Preparation of quarterly reports

  • Liaise with bursary department for the payment of journals received